The Power of Push Notification in Digital Marketing

Ping! A notification pops up on your phone once in a while. Ping! Ping! and Ping! And there, in no time your phone is flooded with push up notifications — every single day! The quirky quality of notifications is such that either they go unnoticed or catch your eye instantly. This is exactly why push notifications can work brilliantly for a brand.

Push notifications are a trick up any marketeers sleeve. It is an efficient way to remind your customers of your services and send forward a call to action. Earlier, notifications were seen as spam by many but given the creative brains of many brands today, this feature has gradually turned into a working conversion tool to get customers to engage and respond to you.

Push notifications have an opening rate of 90% to 70% which makes the feature very useful. Recently food-delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy and even Dunzo create quite a buzz by sending out personalized push notifications which caught the eye of many customers and even digital marketing strategists. Combining the power of good content with push notification has turned out to be a great resource for these apps.

Fun, quirky, relatable and timely content attracts users and makes them click on push notifications. About 67% of marketers say experimentation is increasingly essential for staying competitive. That is why you see that it is not just Zomato, but other apps like Myntra, Flipkart and Amazon have all entered the game and are now competing for neck-to-neck.

With humongous competition in the market, it is crucial to deepen engagement, build trust and grow loyalty with users. But the key is to find the perfect line between bombarding users with endless notifications and waiting too long to send out the message. With the right strategy, personalized messages can work wonders.

Myntra has been one of the pioneers of using personalised data to create messaging that addressed the customer directly. Using the name of the customer is an effective tool in grabbing the attention of the user. In fact, 52% of consumers say they’d switch brands if they didn’t feel they were receiving a personalized experience. It is crucial to optimize data in order to create strategies that yield the best results for the brand.

All in all, the endline is to create a lasting relationship with your users. A well-cultivated and strategically sent notification can boost sales up upto 10 times; more than multiple messages sent out as reminders. Push notifications could be your go-to tool that will help you power through!

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