Reels: The Perfect Way to Step up Your Instagram Game

Once criticized as the TikTok copycat, Instagram Reel has taken social media by a storm. It is one of the most efficient ways to engage and connect with followers. Users are now able to create and share light-hearted content in just bite-sized videos of 30 seconds. It’s been 3 months since Instagram launched the feature and now it’s right there on the tabs for easy access. You click on the Reels and get to see millions of them posted every moment, back-to-back. Also, reports informing that Instagram has been downloaded around 7.8 million times in India from July 12 (date of launch of Reels) to August 16 can’t be ignored.

But are Instagram Reels helping brands grow and connect with a larger set audience? Are they standing out in the chaotic noise on social media? Let’s have a look at how they are being used as assets by businesses.

Freedom to create entertainment-focused content

More casual, educational, entertaining and less manicured content is good to be showcased in reels. For brands, it is all about finding creative ways to narrate their story to the audiences. Quirky and humorous posts are engaging and help in highlighting the brand from new angles. However, brands like Louis Vuitton have taken a very beautiful and simple approach which worked well for them. Their reels have gone viral with over 5 million views on average.​

Each Reel campaign is very similar. All of them have the exact same caption, just with a different model and #LVCruise bag.

Grow follower base by expanding the organic reach

Reel enables you to reach out to larger audiences with wider exposure which increases your reach and engagement levels dramatically. When the Reels Explore Page is pushed out, Instagram users who don’t even follow your page see your content — and this is a big deal!

For instance, ASOS, the British online fashion retailer brand received over 4.4 million views by just reposting their best TikTok content on Instagram Reels.

Creative ways to advertise

Instagram Reels has also proved itself to be an ideal format for advertising the products and services of a brand. Sharing services enables the brand to represent its brand style and the way things are done differently from their end. A great way of story-telling, announcing product launches, posting testimonials and reviews. Brands like Netflix have also leveraged the platform for its reels and are connecting with their audiences.

“Reels is being received very well and a variety of public figures and creators, from across India, are starting to use the feature. The great thing about Reels is that you can be discovered by Instagram’s huge diverse community”, said Manish Chopra, Director & Head of Partnerships at Facebook India.

It can be said that brands should use the Reels to reach a wider audience and boost their engagement. It would be really wise of you to get on Reels as early as possible and as long as this wave lasts. It is the perfect way to step up your game on Instagram!

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